The factory of BTMark be founded in 2003 which focused on marking and printing Machines.


Product Introduction

The mini handheld inkjet printer is a compact and versatile device that revolutionizes the way we print on various surfaces. With its portable design and advanced technology, this innovative tool offers convenience and efficiency for on-the-go printing needs.

Equipped with an easy-to-use interface, the mini handheld inkjet printer allows users to effortlessly create high-quality prints on a wide range of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and more. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it the perfect companion for professionals, students, and anyone in need of quick and reliable printing.

Users can easily import texts, images, or even barcodes for printing, making it ideal for labeling, packaging, arts and crafts, or personalization purposes.

The mini handheld inkjet printer utilizes advanced inkjet technology, ensuring sharp and vibrant prints with precise accuracy. With adjustable printing settings, users can customize font styles, sizes, and alignment according to their preferences. The device also supports multi-line printing, allowing for the creation of detailed and informative prints.

One of the key advantages of this mini printer is its versatility. It can be used in various industries, including logistics, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. From printing shipping labels to marking production dates on products, the handheld inkjet printer offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.

Moreover, the device is equipped with a rechargeable battery, providing extended usage time without the need for constant power supply. This ensures uninterrupted printing, even in remote or outdoor environments.

In conclusion, the mini handheld inkjet printer is a game-changer in portable printing technology. Its compact size, wireless connectivity, and versatility make it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike. With its user-friendly interface and high-quality prints, this device offers convenience, efficiency, and endless possibilities for on-the-go printing needs.

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Company Advantages

7.We provide a one-stop service integrating design, production, and after-sales service.

4.Quality control seriously,Technology keep updating.

3.Full product and accessories,support OEM service.

8.We have always followed the standardization rules for a rigorous production process, saving time and cost for both parties and bringing maximum benefits to you.

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