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Quality testing method of inkjet printer

November 28, 2022

Inkjet Printer quality how to detect, with the continuous mechanical automation, enterprises in order to follow the trend to strive for development, the use of inkjet printer machine for the production of products has been the trend, to how to correctly select the printer has become the summary of the task of the enterprise purchaser, to buy a good printer, for the quality of the printer detection is very important, how the quality of the printer how to detect, what aspects should be examined? What should be examined from it, let's check it now.

Inkjet printer quality detection methods need to be observed from the following points. 

1, the printing effect should be clear Such as the requirement to print the company LOGO (icon) or the requirement to print clear fonts, bar codes, etc., you need to choose a high resolution inkjet printer. 

2, the machine performance should be stable and reliable.That is, the failure rate should be low, multi-channel understanding of the failure rate of the product, some customers due to lack of funds to buy a cheap and unstable performance of the product, which affects the production also brought trouble, after all, is tens of thousands of dollars to buy the machine, so the purchase must be carefully considered before. 

3, the ink attached to the power Some printers use water-based ink, only suitable for printing permeable materials, not suitable for printing non-permeable materials, such as suitable for printing paper, wood, not suitable for printing plastic, metal, etc.. These factors actually determine the size of the value of the use of equipment. At present, the printing equipment suppliers sold by the printer have their own strengths, each has its own adaptability, customers should decide to buy the printing equipment according to their actual needs, in accordance with the above six comprehensive their own considerations, carefully selected, only then can buy to suit their needs, better performance to price ratio of the printing equipment. 

4, the cost of use to be reasonable Both the cost of consumables to be economical and reasonable; if the production volume is large, the better to choose the cost of consumables can save the printer. Some of the printer is cheaper, but the cost of consumables is incredibly expensive. If the output is not large, and limited funds, it is worth considering. 

5, high quality after-sales service To understand the manufacturer's service system, a perfect service network and service system is necessary to ensure the normal use of the machine. 

6, operation and maintenance should be simple and convenient If there are some equipment problems need to be promptly eliminated, to avoid greater losses, because the quality of the printer is relatively good, but still need to be prepared for anything to avoid the use of a, in addition is that the electricity is not connected, such problems have a fatal threat to the quality, will cause short-circuit problems, but also potential damage to the equipment, such problems to the existence of Security risks are great, need to be ruled out in advance, regular maintenance, and this type of problem will also occur in the occurrence of bad typing and other situations, in the screen circuit board damage and other phenomena are more serious, you need to give priority to deal with.

How to detect the quality of the printer, the quality of the printer, whether from the brand effect, as well as the use of the effect of these are the need to focus on, to buy a good printer, choose a good printer manufacturer is the first, Btmark is very good, you need to consult to understand.

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