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UV laser marking machine how to solve the problem of shallow laser engraving depth

January 03, 2023

When UV Laser Marking Mchine is in use, there will often be weak laser, the product laser engraving depth shallow problem, this problem is generally caused by improper operation.

1, check whether the UV laser is deviated from the center point after entering the oscillator, the light path is biased to cause the beam can not be concentrated in the corresponding marking area, so the marked pattern and text will become very shallow. At this time, you can use the frequency doubling piece to adjust the light path, so that it returns to normal.

2, check whether the acousto-optical source output current is low or the position of the acousto-optical crystal is offset, increase the acousto-optical source current or the position of the acousto-optical crystal for correction, the power supply current is too small to cause the beam is too small or marking frequency is abnormal, thus affecting the marking effect. The higher the general laser laser engraving laser machine current, the higher the marking intensity will be.

3, UV Laser Marking Mchine resonant cavity internal whether because of the use of too long, the lens is too dirty, can not be emitted laser beam for effective beam expansion and focus, thus affecting the marking effect, the position of a small change, the resonant cavity of each lens for fine tuning, so that the spot to achieve the best effect. If the lens is too dirty, you can use a cotton swab with alcohol to scrub, this cleaning method is not only effective but also will not damage the parts of the laser laser engraving laser machine.

4, the speed is too fast, the beam has not reached the intended marking effect on the end. Marking speed exceeds the designed frequency range will affect the marking effect, so that the text or pattern is not clear.

5, if the current is adjusted to 25A marking depth laser effect is not strong enough, then it means that the krypton lamp problem, the need to replace the krypton lamp.

 UV Laser Marking Mchine laser beam depth of focus is inversely proportional to the wavelength. For the objective lens after the scan mode, if the static focus mode, its focus surface for a spherical arc, if its defocusing error in the entire working surface is controlled within the focus depth range, then the static focus mode can be used, if the defocusing error deviates from the focus depth range is too far, it is necessary to use the dynamic focus mode.

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