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January 03, 2023

A sudden new coronavirus epidemic has made masks a necessity for people around the world, along with a large number of masks circulating in the market, there is no shortage of unscrupulous traders driven by the interests of manufacturing fake masks to fish in troubled waters, so the anti-counterfeiting work of masks has become very important, in the issue of anti-counterfeiting, marking is of course the most important screening object, at this time, laser anti-counterfeiting technology comes into play, and laser The laser marking machine also shows its unique advantages.

The laser marking machine can mark the surface of the mask with a clear, obvious, odorless and permanent mark. The mask is made of special raw material meltblown cloth, so if the traditional inkjet printing is used, the mark will be unclear, easy to disperse and show black dots, which is not up to the standard of anti-counterfeiting EU certification.

 So which kind of laser marking machine can realize the marking on the mask, UV laser marking machine is preferred. The meltblown fabric surface of the mask is thin and not suitable for thermal processing, so the UV laser marking machine's 355nm ultraviolet cold light source will not produce high temperature and will not cause damage, the light source focus spot is small, the marking effect is not only clear, and there will be no scattered ink and burr phenomenon. It can be said that in the marking aspect there is nothing better than.

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