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Why should the ink line of coding machine be adjusted

December 31, 2022

People who have used the coding machine know that the coding machine is occasionally to adjust the ink line? The ink line has been adjusted when the printer is installed, so why do you need to adjust the ink line?

First of all, let's understand what is the inkjet printer ink line?

In short, inkjet printer ink line is the black line composed of ink droplets after charging, the printer consists of a circuit system and ink circuit system. The working principle of the printer is the circuit system regulates the operation of the ink system, ink through the ink tank - the main pump - filter - a variety of solenoid valves, and finally flow into the nozzle, through the pressure pump from the nozzle jet to form the ink line, after the high-voltage deflection plate charged deflection, composed of characters, no deflection of the ink droplets into the recovery tank, and finally return to the ink tank to complete the cycle.

Inkjet printer ink line why should be adjusted?

The inkjet printer is installed when the printer manufacturer debugged, the ink line is also normal. To adjust, usually due to a longer period of downtime of the printer, or abnormal power failure shutdown, not through the automatic cleaning nozzle process and manual cleaning nozzle process, resulting in nozzle blockage. When the machine is turned on again, there will be no ink line out or offset, ink leakage.

Btmakr as a professional inkjet printer manufacturers, the user's advice is to encounter the ink line offset nozzle cleaning, repeatedly set the number of cleaning, manual cleaning nozzle, followed by a quick start test to check whether the ink line position is normal, until repeatedly switch on the ink line is in the same position, the end of cleaning, such as the ink line is normal, can be used normally; if the ink line or offset in a certain position, did not flow into the recovery tank, then you can consult experienced inkjet printer manufacturers for technical guidance, in general, are relatively easy to solve, such as guidance can not be solved to inkjet printer manufacturers to apply for home service.

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