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Which inkjet printer is better for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries?

December 13, 2022

Each industry has its own characteristics when it comes to coding and labelling, including demanding environmental conditions, continuous production processes, strict regulations, high speed production lines and a wide range of product and packaging types. The pharmaceutical and medical device industries, in particular, require more demanding marking solutions. The difficulties of their labelling schemes are also mainly reflected in the following aspects.

  1. 1.Complex and diverse packaging forms. The pharmaceutical and medical device industries have a wide variety of packaging forms, including boxes, bottles, labels, pharmaceutical and ampoule bottles, tubes, tin foil materials, pouches and partition materials, boxes and other complex packaging materials and forms that require high requirements for the inkjet printer. It is vital to choose a printer that is suitable for a wide range of materials and packaging formats. Among the many types of inkjet printer, laser marking machines use a single material, high resolution inkjet printer material adhesion is limited, UV laser marking machine for material applicability is also limited, although you can adjust the equipment to achieve a variety of material marking, but the operation is also more trouble, can not meet the high-speed production of modern enterprises. The Small Character CIJ Printer is recommended for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.The Small Character CIJ Printer is the most suitable printer for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Inkjet printers are superior to other types of inkjet printers in terms of ink adhesion and suitability for the material.

2. Harsh environmental conditions. As with the food industry, the pharmaceutical and medical device industries also have extremely demanding environmental requirements. The traditional Small Character CIJ Printer ink pipeline can be seen directly after opening the printer case, the equipment in daily operation is almost direct contact with the production environment, for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry is not allowed, and the new inkjet printer ink system and printhead using an integrated, modular design, combined with a highly integrated, low-power circuit system, making the printer more stable, more economical Consumables, easier to maintain, in addition to the normal recycling of ink nozzles, the ink is completely isolated from the production environment, to avoid pollution caused by the production environment.

3. High speed, low cost and stable operation is a must for pharmaceutical and medical devices that require an inkjet printer. For other models, laser marking machine and UV laser markingmachine speed is proportional to the price, the faster the marking speed correspondingly higher the price, the same printing speed premise, for the choice of models you should have the answer it.

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