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Laser marking of automotive buttons and keys

November 29, 2022

Nowadays, when cars become the main means of transportation for families, the iteration of car production and manufacturing level must be accelerated. For example, the various button icons on cars are now mostly done with laser marking technology, which represents a more advanced level of production.

uv laser marking machine of car

Air conditioning button marking

uv laser marking machine of car

Gear button marking

The importance of the icon is self-evident, it is the basic element in the detailed design of the car button, without the icon is like no operation guide, you can only press the button indiscriminately. Traditional or printing or spraying methods are easy to pollute the environment, and with the use of time, it is also easy to fade and decolorize after a long time, affecting the aesthetics and use experience. The laser marking out of the text pattern information clear and permanent, the effect is good, will not fade off.

uv laser marking machine of car

Steering wheel button marking

uv laser marking machine of car

Paddle button marking

The laser marking machine can easily cope with all kinds of mainstream button materials. By irradiating the surface material of the car button with high energy laser beam, the surface material will be vaporized or undergo a chemical reaction with color change, thus leaving a permanent mark.

uv laser marking machine of car

Start-stop button marking

uv laser marking machine of car

Window Button Marking

The laser marking machine has a good beam quality and a very small focused spot, which enables ultra-fine marking of steering wheel buttons, air conditioning buttons, gear buttons, or car keys and other buttons. The visible details of craftsmanship and touchable quality icons are undoubtedly the best marking processing solutions for the automotive industry, which pursues efficiency and quality.

uv laser marking machine of car

Car key button marking

uv laser marking machine of car

Top light button marking

In addition, in addition to the wide range of processing materials, laser marking has a large degree of freedom for the shape, size and processing environment of car keys, while it can be paired with an assembly line for online marking, meeting the requirements of the modern automotive industry to develop in the direction of automated production.

uv laser marking machine

Recommended Equipment:Btmark UV Laser Marking Machine

◆High-quality light source, good quality of light spot

◆Small size, fast speed, high performance stability

◆Support multi-language one key switch

◆Built-in linear guide, stable structure

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