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Laser marking machines in plastic materials

November 22, 2022

Plastics play a key role in our daily lives. The widespread use of plastics has an impact on our daily lives. To make the image clear and beautiful, we must use UV Laser Marking Machine. laser marking machine is a non-contact processing method, zero pollution, high operational accuracy and fast marking speed, which is the first choice for the plastic products industry.

Compared with other materials, plastic has the advantages of light weight, good chemical stability, good electrical insulation, wide distribution of mechanical strength and high specific strength. Today, plastic products are widely used in various industries, such as household appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PCs, lighting appliances, etc. Based on this, plastic has become a common packaging material. Trademarks, barcodes, numbers and other markings are often used for printing, labelling, hot stamping, overwrapping and other treatments on plastic products. They are now marked directly on the plastic surface with UV Laser Marking Machine.

In order to meet the huge market demand for applications and to promote the development of plastic products, a rapid chemical reaction has occurred between the two with the Laser Marking Machine, and plastic products have been given a new opportunity for development. The use of laser engraving machines in the plastic products industry also promotes the development of laser engraving machines. According to the characteristics of the plastic products industry, different plastic materials.

According to the needs of different plastics, choose a different laser marking machine. For example, ABS marking machine generally uses UV laser marking machine, PE, PT, PP and other materials can be used UV, CO2 marking. According to the characteristics of different industries and materials, the development of laser marking equipment with the desired effect, simple operation, reliable performance, to meet the requirements of the assembly line processing. Fiber laser marking machine: used to mark some plastic materials with high ignition point (such as PC, ABS). Green laser marking machine: almost all plastic materials can be used. UV laser marking machine: currently only used for acrylic. UV laser marking machine: can be used for a variety of plastic materials. As the smaller line width for UV is 0.01mm and 0.02mm for green, the smaller value for UV is 0.06 and for green is 0.1.

Using a plastic UV laser marking machine to mark the surface of plastic products is a fast processing method that maintains the inherent surface characteristics of plastic products, combining text and patterns with plastic to form a unified whole. The UV laser marking machine for plastics uses the laser to produce marks, codes, text, numbers, patterns, lines, QR codes, etc. directly on the plastic surface. , and marking and shaping in one go, without the need for other processing procedures. In recent years, laser engraving plastic is a very practical laser processing technology, to meet the needs of customers on plastic products engraving, by the major enterprises welcome and favorite.

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