The factory of BTMark be founded in 2003 which focused on marking and printing Machines.


High-speed inkjet printer in the printing industry

November 19, 2022

In the printing industry, there have been some recent changes that have caught the attention of practitioners in particular: more and more customers are asking for variable content to be printed.


This variable content includes not only variable characters such as serial numbers, but many more customers are requesting variable barcodes and variable QR codes to be printed.

Meeting this demand can be cumbersome for conventional printing processes and equipment, which are geared towards fixed content.

As a digital printing pen device, the inkjet printer can automatically generate variable content inkjet prints, which meets the needs of variable information printing pens.

The demand for variable information in the printing industry has prompted more companies to choose the advanced inkjet printer. inkjet printer in variable data, variable barcode, variable QR code printing: applications

In the print, brush making industry, traditional small print printers are mainly used to print variable character data, such as print serial numbers, membership card numbers and password data.

Inkjet printer in the printing brush industry application characteristics of the printing code speed is extremely high, can be directly with the high-speed production line printing code. Adaptable production lines are simple and existing production lines do not need to be modified. The nozzles of the inkjet printer are connected by cable and the nozzles are directly erected on the work stations in the production line and can be coded by means of a special nozzle holder. The printer is equipped with photoelectric detection, which can automatically detect traces on the printed products and realise automatic coding. High reliability and adaptability to harsh environments. Inkjet printers are specially designed systems for industrial applications and can be adapted to a wide range of harsh environments, working continuously for 7 x 24 hours. Inkjet printer system components for the printing and brushing industry

(1) Operator interface: Inkjet printers have their own man-machine interface, which allows them to edit the content that needs to be printed. Btmark inkjet printers are operated by a touch screen, which allows them to edit and display text or graphics, barcodes and other content in a WYSIWYG manner.

(2) Printhead system: The Btmark inkjet printer has a solid stainless steel housing for the printhead. The printhead is connected to the mainframe via a 1.5m cable and comes with its own printhead holder, which can be easily installed on various printing lines.

(3) Photoelectric detection system: In the printing line, the coder can spray print automatically. In this way, by setting the distance of the spraying print, the information of the spraying print can be regularly sprayed, or it can be set to photoelectric detection of the spraying print, in which the products on the production line are detected by photoelectric switches, and a product is sprayed once in the print. In the printing, of the brush industry, inkjet printer can be combined with high-precision optical fibre photoelectric switch for precise position detection, but also with the colour label switch to detect the printing sub-colour difference for printing control, can be adapted to the production of different products.

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