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The difference between original printer consumables and alternative consumables

November 15, 2022

Original inkjet printer consumables generally refer to the original ink, original solvent, original cleaning agent. The following is mainly about the difference between the original inkjet printer supplies and alternative supplies!

cij printer

First, the original ink consists of colorant, binder (resin), solvent and other materials, and its formulation and production process is very strict. Each printer manufacturer will provide the appropriate model of original ink according to the performance of the machine and printing materials to ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine. When choosing inks, you must choose original inks provided by the inkjet printer manufacturer or inks approved by the inkjet printer manufacturer. Alternative supplies are relatively inexpensive, but the only disadvantage is that alternative supplies do not have the original logo and can be used, but are slightly less durable and adaptable!

Secondly, the original solvent is specially developed and used according to the characteristics of the ink. During the operation of the machine, it constantly replenishes the lost material of the ink and repairs the structural damage caused by the cycle. Only the original solvent to keep the equipment stable, alternative solvents are not as good as the original ink, so alternative solvents are usually alternative inks!

Third, the inkjet printer uses ink and solvent, also use cleaning agents. The original cleaning agent is used to clean the nozzle and dispersion of the ink, different inks use different cleaning agents. However, the production of cleaning agents and process requirements are much simpler than solvents. To ensure the performance of the machine and the life of the nozzles, it is recommended that the original cleaner be used for original printer consumables. For alternative consumables, use alternative cleaners!

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