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Pigment ink for continuous inkjet printers special

November 15, 2022

Nowadays, inkjet printer are widely used in the market. Depending on the industry, printers manufacturers have developed different types of printers. At present, the most widely used inkjet printers are divided into Pigment ink for continuous inkjet printers and ordinary continuous inkjet printer according to the type of ink used. many people will ask, what is the difference between them? Some people may think that the machine is the same, wipe the ink channel to change the ink on it! Actually not, let's introduce the difference between the two.

continuous inkjet printer

1.First, as far as the ink is concerned, Pigment ink is a pigment type dissolved in a special water solvent, while ordinary ink is a dye type, completely dissolved at the molecular level. Pigment-based and dye-based inks contain different chemical compositions, and some of the configuration requirements for continuous inkjet printer are different. Pigment ink is a suspension or semi-solution of solid pigments ground into very fine particles and dissolved in a special aqueous solvent.

2.Secondly, as pigment ink contains particulate matter, it will precipitate when stored for a long time and needs to be shaken and stirred before use. Thus, in terms of configuration, Pigment ink for continuous inkjet printers will add a stirring bar, and Pigment ink for continuous inkjet printers are designed to stir the ink automatically at certain intervals. During the stirring process, the ink in the cartridge will move, which can be a good way to prevent settling.

3.Finally, the unique technology of Pigment ink for continuous inkjet printers: air dry pump (ordinary inkjet printers do not have such a configuration). Because Pigment ink for continuous inkjet printers are mostly used in wet environments, such as wire and cable coding. The inkjet printer is installed next to the cooling water tank, and the humidity of the environment is relatively high, which tends to draw moisture from the humid air into the inkjet printer's ink. The air drying pump is to ensure that the air recovered by the inkjet printer is completely dry, in order to avoid excessive moisture in the ink in a humid environment, affecting the effect of the inkjet printer, so as to ensure the stable operation of the inkjet printer.

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