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The trend of Inkjet printer ink Environmental Safety

November 14, 2022

Ink, solvent and cleaning agent as the main consumables for coding equipment, is an important consumable for inkjet printer, but also an important guarantee for the stable operation of the coding machine, such as coding machine consumables in the promotion and development of the coding machine, from a single consumable subdivided into a variety of consumables, such as plastic bags with high adhesion ink, wire and cable with anti-migration ink, black surface with white ink, electronic and energy-saving lamp industry with anti-alcohol ink And for special edible inks for fruit and egg surfaces, etc. The failure of the printer consumables is closely related to the expanding application of the printer industry, only more varieties of ink and applications to bring more satisfactory applications for more coding companies.

Speaking of environmental issues of printer supplies, the first thing to say from the composition of the printer supplies, because the printer ink dries quickly and adheres well, so the dispersant and thinner in the supplies are often ketones and alcohols. Because these materials tend to pollute the environment to some extent, and many printers users are not aware of the impact of the use of these materials on the environment, especially the impact on the sewer, so the environmental awareness of the printer supplies is not strong. The safety of printer supplies is based on the above breakdown of supplies and environmental protection. A variety of different components and uses of supplies, the safety of the printer supplies put forward a lot of requirements, especially with the increasing application of food enterprises, the safety of the printer supplies also reached a new level. 

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