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Ways to maintain inkjet printer printheads

November 14, 2022

With the widespread use of printers in industry, the complexity of their applications has increased significantly, making marking an essential and vital part of production in all industries. Printers are composed of many parts, one of which is the printhead. Printhead is one of the important parts of the inkjet printer, the use of the printhead focus on maintenance and maintenance, which is also the most important concern of all users. When it comes to the printhead of the inkjet printer, we need to know not only the function of the printhead film, but also need to know how to maintain the printhead.

continuous inkjet printer

1. Nozzle clogging is generally the result of long-term accumulation. In use, the user must always keep the nozzle open.

2. The nozzle in use should be thoroughly cleaned regularly. When not in use for a long time, the nozzle can be removed and soaked for a long time.

3. Before stopping the power off, the sprayer must be cleaned and placed on the sprayer cover with a moisturizing sponge pad, which will ensure the condition and quality of the sprayer and extend the service life of the sprayer to some extent.

4. The use of fast-drying ink jet printer will encounter the problem of clogging. One of the reasons for clogging is that the ink solvent evaporates, the ink particles condense on the surface of the nozzle, resulting in clogging of the nozzle hole. The second reason is the presence of impurities in the ink, or react with the solution to produce foreign matter, clogged in the nozzle. The way to prevent this is to use a filtering device so that impurities in the cartridge cannot enter; clean the nozzle frequently.

5. When using the nozzle, it is necessary to maintain a good heat dissipation environment, otherwise it is easy to damage the circuit of the nozzle.

6. If the working environment of the indoor equipment is not very good, dust can easily enter the main cartridge, then the auxiliary cartridge and then the printhead. Therefore, we must pay attention to the environment of the inkjet printer.

Today, we share here how to maintain the nozzles of inkjet printers. For manufacturers, the use of inkjet printer technology can improve the market image of the brand and unified logo management, establish a good identification image and beautify the appearance of the product. Therefore, the inkjet printer has been widely used in various industries.

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