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CIJ Inkjet Printer vs Laser Printing Machine:Which is better for you?

November 11, 2022

CIJ Inkjet printer as a production date printing equipment, has been widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, daily chemical and other industries; laser marking machine as the upgrade version of inkjet printer, will certainly become the future direction of development of identification products.Btmark that, although the laser marking machine and ink inkjet printer application occasions are different, the application effect is also different, but in the industrial application of laser marking machine and inkjet printer has a lot in common.Btmark believes that the market will be partially upgraded to laser marking machine, but the laser marking machine is unlikely to completely replace the inkjet printer.

laser printing machinecontinuous inkjet printer

1.laser marking machine with anti-counterfeiting effect: directly on the surface of the product to print the information logo, the logo can be cross-type or dot matrix type. The visual effect of the logo is unique, the logo is clear, indelible, widely used, anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious. And ink-jet printer: the logo effect is clear, but easy to erase and change. The anti-counterfeiting effect of general inkjet printers is limited. Now some new invisible ink anti-counterfeiting effect is better.

2.Work laser coding machine adopts online high-speed non-stop laser marking with high production efficiency. It can work in the static and high-speed flow state of the production line. However, inkjet printers can only be produced online and without interruption, with high productivity. Some inkjet printers may have ink clogging nozzles, which will affect production.

3.Flexible laser inkjet printers. Printed content can include serial numbers, batch numbers, bar codes, 2D codes, logos and patterns. There is no limit to the number of lines printed and the font size. Inkjet printers: Can print bar codes, batch numbers, simple patterns, etc. There are restrictions on the number of print lines and font size. Chengdu Linzhi believes that laser inkjet printers will be affected by the material, while inkjet printers are more applicable and adaptable.

4.Reliable laser inkjet printer: stable and reliable performance with 24-hour continuous operation. Maintenance-free time of more than 20,000 hours. Inkjet printers: largely stable performance, but higher failure rate. Nozzles can get clogged due to changes in ambient temperature, humidity and dust. Maintenance workload is high and influenced by the environment. Chengdu Lynx believes that laser inkjet printers are slightly better in terms of equipment reliability.

If you want to learn more about how the inkjet printer works, take a look at the article "What is continuous (CIJ) printer?" to get a better idea of which machine is better for you.

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