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UV laser marking machine in the application of led lamps and lanterns marking

November 09, 2022

From rough stone lamps to bronze lamps, then from ceramic lamps to modern electric lamps, the history of lamps has been marked by profound changes of the times, and is also a microcosm of social economy and culture. With the change of times and the development of science and technology, lamps and lanterns have entered a critical period of change in the industrial landscape. At this time, the emergence of laser marking machine greatly promoted the development of the lighting industry.

LED lamps and lanterns market prospects a glorious, with the increasing demand, production capacity also needs to be constantly improved, the traditional silk-screen marking method, easy to be erased and counterfeit goods, and tampering with product information, not environmentally friendly, low yield, has not been able to meet production needs. Today's laser marking, not only clear and beautiful and not easy to erase, with automatic rotary platform, more labor-saving, is the necessary laser marking machine for the lighting industry.

For the bulb, lamp head, lamp holder and other types of lamps and lanterns processing needs. Shangtuo Laser has specially developed an automated multi-station laser marking machine. Multi-station simultaneous processing can significantly improve the efficiency of the led lamp laser marking machine, especially for marking small led lamps such as led bulbs, one machine can only mark one led lamp at a time is too wasteful of human and material resources, so multi-station simultaneous processing of led lamp laser marking machine should be born.

The multi-station UV led lamp laser marking machine divides the stone 8-station rotary turntable, which can realize multi-station automatic rotary switching, also can realize each small chuck rotary marking, in the marking at the same time, can carry out manual loading and unloading, effectively improve the processing efficiency. It is also possible to customise the fixture to suit the fixing of the bulb lamp holder, or to customise other fixtures of different sizes to suit the needs of the user's production site process application, regardless of the shape of the bulb lamp can be processed in multiple stations simultaneously.

The advantages of using this UV led lamp laser marking machine are:

1.A one-time single-head laser light at the same time, giving a new definition of "fast", so that the laser marking series of products to operate more quickly.

2.360 degree rotary transmission path in terms of movement, coupled with replaceable clips to overcome the challenge of marking more different shapes of products at the same time.

3.Multi-station design, to meet more application requirements in terms of staff good efficiency.

4.laser marking engraving effect is better than the effect of the printing code N times! consumables is to zero consumables to win!

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